D’oh Life Lesson From Homer Simpson: Man Tries To Drives Away With Wheel Clamp On Car!

This footage is from a guy in Ranelagh, Dublin who decided he wasn’t going to pay the extortionate fine to get the clamp removed and tried to make a getaway with the WHEEL CLAMP STILL ON THE CAR! As he drives away, the Dublin City Clampers follow slowly, I think they’ve got a fair idea that he isn’t going to get very far.

Mark Kelly, who uploaded the video, said that he initially assumed that the guy didn’t know that he had a clamp on his car because he was “oldish”, so he stopped him to let him know. But apparently the guy was well aware and told Kelly, “feck the clampers, they can go to hell”. I know more than a few people that would share that sentiment! Kelly said that the guy was doing pretty well, until the road started to curve and he ended up going straight towards the footpath!

As Kelly himself notes, he’s not exactly going to win an Oscar with the footage, but it’s still pretty funny, so we thought we’d share!

It is hard to watch this and not be reminded of the episode of The Simpsons when Homer’s car gets clamped in New York City. Doing what Homer does best, he causes a hell of a lot of carnage! Stuck with only Khlav Kalash to eat, Homer finally decides to take matters into his own hands, destroying the car, the clamp, the road and a few other vehicles in the process! Man I loved that episode!

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