Man Hit By School Bus While Walking Turtle Across Highway


Karma is a fickle mistress. We’ve come to expect that whenever we perform an act of selflessness, the universe will reward us for our troubles. Even people who don’t necessarily believe in karma have formed some sort of belief based around “do good and good will happen to you.” However, this is not always the case.

Earlier this week, a seventy year old man in Wisconsin saw a turtle attempting to cross the highway and decided to lend a helping hand. All he wanted was to do a good thing for some creature out in the world. No crime in that, right? So he picked up the turtle, intending to carry it across Highway 59 to safety and no doubt feeling pretty proud of himself for helping the little guy. That is, until he stepped out into the highway and a school bus hit him.

That’s right. Apparently this man didn’t see the oncoming school bus approaching, which was filled with three teachers and forty-nine (now probably traumatized) students. The bus driver claims he saw the old man step into the highway and immediately tried to slow down, but it all happened too quickly for him to come to a complete stop. This incident revolves around how, this time of year, turtles frequently cross Wisconsin’s Highway 59 when they leave their water-based habitat to go find places to lay their eggs. Since they must cross the highway in order to get to the land they instinctively lay their eggs on, they’re in constant danger even when there aren’t kind, old men to help them (unsuccessfully) cross the highway.

The seventy year old man was rushed to the Waukesha Memorial Hospital and it’s been reported he received no life-threatening injuries. And the turtle? Well the turtle got by without a scratch, and probably went on her way to go lay some eggs. While it’s good that no one sustained any serious injuries – except perhaps some life-lasting trauma – I have a feeling no one in the Wisconsin area will be helping a turtle cross the highway again any time soon.

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