A Perfect Proposal? Man Places Wedding Ring Inside Modded Iron Man Arc Reactor!


Florida resident Eddie Zarick, 25, has always enjoyed tinkering around with electronics, his website EdsJunk.net is a catalogue of his geeky projects and his girlfriend Sarah Carter often refers to him as Tony Stark, especially after seeing the Iron Man Arc Reactor he created.

When Zarick decided to propose to Carter, he wanted to do it in a special way, so he decided to mod the Arc Reactor he’d already made, turning it into an Arc Reactor Heart from which a ring appears. Apparently his girlfriend is a bit of a geek too and loves this kind of stuff.

Zarick said;

“After we starting dating she saw it and loved it and always called me Tony Stark since I’m always in my garage tinkering with things…So when I wanted to propose I was lying in my bed thinking of a cool way to do it, and the idea just popped into my mind that it would be incredible if it came out of an arc reactor.”

So Zarick set to work on the Arc Reactor Heart, which he created using two servos controlled by an Arduino and lit up with using an Adafruit RGB LED strip and a separate strip of LEDs to illuminate the ring once it pops out from inside the core. This short video shows you how Zarick’s awesome Arc Reactor Heart works!

The next thing was finding the right moment and surroundings to present the Arc Reactor Heart to his girlfriend so a couple of days before Christmas Zarick took Carter down to the beach at night and told her he had an early Christmas gift for her. He gave her the box with the reactor inside and triggered it. He said; “It was at night so it really shined bright and she was amazed. But once I pushed the button and the light show happened and the ring came out, she was speechless and crying.”

Much like the character that inspired the Arc Reactor Heart, Zarick is a bit of real life hero, working as a paramedic when he isn’t tinkering around modding electronics in his garage and he aspires to be a fireman one day too. Ladies, there is no point swooning, Zarick is very much off the market, his girlfriend said yes of course! Who wouldn’t after that kind of proposal!




Source: Wired

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