Man Kowtows So Hard For Forgiveness That He Made His Own Head Bleed

How far would you go to get your spouse’s forgiveness if you had messed up real bad? Well one guy from Putian in Fujian province of China decided that in order to get his wife to forgive him, he was going to kowtow a couple of hundred meters down the road!

For those of you who don’t know, to kowtow is kneel and bow so that your head touches the ground, in the Chinese culture it is a gesture of respect and reverence. People don’t tend to do it all the way along a busy high street though!

The man was spotted by several passersby on Wenxiandong Street, who were more than a little bemused by the strange sight! The man was just crawling along, kowtowing as he went. Onlookers gathered to watch and several noticed that the young man’s forehead was covered in dirt, bruises and blood as a result of his vigorous kowtows!

One passerby approached the man and attempted to help the man up, however the kind strangers offer of help was refused by the bowing man who explained that he had wronged his wife and in order to get her forgiveness he planned to crawl in this manner all the way to Zhengrong Times Square – more than 1000 meters from his current coordinates!

However, according to reports from witnesses, the man got about 200 meters further when a woman appeared on a motorcycle, hailed a taxi and whisked our dedicated kowtower away. We do not know if this mystery woman was the wife he was trying to desperately to get to forgive him, or if in fact she was the reason he was after forgiveness in the first place!!

This story reminds me of a friend of mine, a comedian named Joey Page who got into all of the British newspapers last year when he paraded through Brighton wearing an A-board that announced that he had cheated on his girlfriend and that he was humiliating himself to show how sorry he was!

How far would you go to get your partners forgiveness? Would you publicly humiliate yourself to win back your lovers affections? Leave a comment and let us know!

Young Man Begging for Wife’s Forgiveness Kowtows and Walks 200M on His Knees (Via China Smack)

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