Unknown Man In Batman Outfit Drops Suspect Off To British Police Station & Then Disappears!!

A man dressed as the infamous caped crime fighter Batman walked into a British police station in Bradford and handed cops a man wanted for questioning regarding a number of offences.

The incident took place on February 25th at Bradford’s Trafalgar House police station. The guy that Batman dropped off was wanted for questioning on suspicion of handling stolen goods and fraud-related offenses.

After the unusual incident, the West Yorkshire Police posted this message to their Facebook page:

“Batman came into the helpdesk, stated to the staff “I’ve caught this one for you” and then promptly vanished into the night to fight crime and the fear of crime in Bradford. The whole bizarre incident was captured on CCTV… The wanted male, a 27yr old from the Buttershaw area was detained until the morning when he was escorted to court in Grimsby as he was also wanted for an offence in that area also. This post is meant as a bit of a light hearted news.”

A police spokesman said that the person who brought the man into the station was dressed in a full Batman outfit. He added to the air of mystery surrounding the event, by stating that the do-gooder’s identity remains unknown but that the police were making diligent enquiries to locate the individual.

As you would expect, the British media has dived headfirst into the mix and are also trying to find out the identity of the person who spends his free time masquerading as the infamous masked crime fighter and doing his bit to help local cops catch the bad guys. There is some speculation that “Batman” is actually a local celebrity and of course the bookmakers were quick to capitalize on the sensational story and are now offering odds as to who it might be!

British bookies Ladbrokes have already compiled odds as to which celebrity could be under the mask. They are working on the assumption that, a little like the actual Batman, only someone with lots of cash who is already in the public eye, would have the guts to don that outfit and start dropping local scallywags into the local cop shop.

According to Ladbrokes odds, the most likely Batman is infamous British illusionist Steven Frayne aka Dynamo. Anyone who has seen Dynamo’s shows on the television or in person will be able to appreciate that he’s already got the whole “dark avenger” thing going on. I have watched a couple of Dynamo’s performances on TV and can see why he would be a viable contender for Bradford’s Batman, but the one thing that would put me off saying it was definitely him, is the fact that the Batman in the picture released by the police is a far stockier frame and build than the illusionist.

Also on the list are former pro soccer player Dean Windass, professional gardener and TV broadcaster Alan Titchmarsh and 81-year-old supermarket supremo Sir Kenneth Morrison. One Direction’s Zayn Malik is an outsider with odds of 50/1/.
The bookies are also offering 3/1 odds that Batman will pop up again in Bradford and 5/1 odds that he will be joined with trusty sidekick Robin!!

Do you have any ideas about the identity of the real life Dark Knight? Leave a comment and let us know.

Image via West Yorkshire Police Dept

Source: Wired

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