Man Dies After Winning Cockroach-Eating Contest

Edward Archbold, 32, collapsed and died after ingesting dozens of bugs and winning the ‘Midnight Madness’ insect eating contest at Ben Siegel Reptiles, in Broward, Florida.

According to pet shop owner Ben Siegel, Archbold entered the contest in an attempt to win the prize for the friend who accompanied him on the ill-fated night. The grand prize was an exotic Ivory Ball python worth $700. It has been put aside in his name and will be given to his estate.

The contest took place on Friday night and was a merry affair with eating and drinking (of non-bug like stuff) prior to the insect-ingesting event.

The contestants then sat down to munch the mixed insects which included discoid roaches and worms. They battled it out, trying to consume as many creepy-crawlies as possible in the 4-minute time-frame without vomiting. Personally, I don’t know how they did it! Just writing about this is turning me a little bit green.

Siegel said the Archbold was a crowd-pleaser and seemed like someone who would be “up for anything.”

However winning the gross competition, Archbold began throwing up and collapsed outside the pet shop. He was taken to Broward Health North where he was pronounced dead.

His body has been taken to the Broward Medical Examiner’s Office and investigators await the autopsy report to find out what exactly was the cause of death. Store owner Siegel was adamant that it wasn’t the bugs that Archbold ingested that killed him, stating that they were domestically reared, clean and perfectly safe to eat. He also said that they were regularly eaten in other locations around the world.

Every day I thank God that I wasn’t born in one of those places where insects are commonplace in the cuisine. Imagine the arguments at the dinner table, sorry mom but I won’t be eating those roaches anytime soon!

Renee, an employee at the pet store, said that although this was the first bug-eating contest hosted by Seigel’s, customers and friends often ate the bugs as dares. She also admitted to taking part in a bit of clandestine insect ingestion, saying: “The horn worm kind of tastes like a melon, but it has a sweet flavor. Crickets don’t really taste like anything, and meal worms have a kind of nutty flavor…I’ve eaten the roaches too, but just the baby ones.” This is all information I never needed to know…

Siegel said that nearly 30 people competed in ‘Midnight Madness’ and none of the others suffered any adverse reactions. Siegel said a close friend of his was amongst the contestants and he ate just one bug less than Archbold, yet he felt fine afterwards.

The pet store’s attorney Luke Lirot said all the contestants were entirely aware of what they were doing,” and they “signed thorough waivers accepting responsibility for their participation in this unique and unorthodox contest.”

Which makes you wonder, if eating bugs is so damn great and safe, then why make people sign a waiver?

(Via Daily Mail)

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