Magic Cube From Celluon Projects A Virtual Keyboard Onto Most Flat Surfaces


Smartphone and tablet users who prefer using full-sized keyboards with their devices but aren’t too keen on lugging them around, might want to invest in the Magic Cube from Celluon as it can project a virtual keyboard onto pretty much any flat surface! It can also be used with Macs, laptops and PCs.

The compact device projects the virtual keyboard and a multitouch mouse in a bright red color, users can then tap away to their heart’s content as it even creates a clicking sound when the keys are pressed. The optical sensor detects the positions of the user’s fingers in order to establish which keys are pressed and how the mouse is being used.

It can be paired with your devices using Bluetooth or USB and is compatible iOS4 (and higher), Android 2.2 (and higher), Mac OS 10 (and higher) and all versions of Windows from XP to 7.

It does lack the tactile feel of a traditional keyboard, however its creators say that users will soon become accustomed to typing with it. A columnist from 9to5Mac tested the Magic Cube and said that its accuracy was impressive.

The Magic Cube can be purchased direct from Celluon for $149 or from Amazon for $115. Initial reviews for the device on Amazon are primarily positive and it has registered 3.9 stars out of the possible 5.

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