Undrip Release “Lucky Ones” A Techie Rap Song That Celebrates Entrepreneurism

Undrip, the Startup dedicated to bringing you the very best of the internet has released a new rap song entitled the “Lucky Ones”.

This song celebrates entrepreneurs and entrepreneurism as well as seeking to encourage people to follow their dreams and get their ideas out there. It features 25 of the world’s top tech entrepreneurs – people like Robert Scoble, Alexis Ohanian and Ted Rheingold to name but a few.

Undrip initially decided to record the song and video after the success of their last song, however after Hurricane Sandy struck they decided to turn it into a fundraising operation to help a few small businesses that were devastated by the superstorm.

It is a positive, upbeat song that Undrip says is “dedicated to the people who fight every day in the trenches of entrepreneurship.”

They believe they are “super lucky” to be entrepreneurs who are “building products to make people’s lives better, easier and happier” and want to encourage others to do the same.

The bloopers video is quite amusing too!

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