Loving Yourself – The Key To Landing Your Dream Job

We all have at least one friend or acquaintance that is so painfully in love with their own existence and personality that often they make you want to vomit. I mean the kind of person who will never shut up about themselves, constantly banging on about all their fantastic achievements and what a generally fantastic human being they are. I’m talking about narcissists of course, those people who exist mainly to annoy the hell out of everyone else around them!

Well according to a new study by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a narcissist’s inherent predisposition to endorse themselves means they tend to do much better than the rest of us in job interviews. You’d be inclined to believe that your success in a job interview would be hinged on whether you can convince the interviewer to like you, but this new research seems to suggest otherwise.

The study, which is due to be published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, noted that non-narcissists attained much lower scores than narcissists in the simulated job interview scenario.

The researchers put these higher scores down to the fact that narcissists had absolutely no problem talking about themselves for long periods of time and were happiest when blowing their own trumpets! This trait, which is usually frowned upon in most other walks of life, actually gave off the impression of expertise and the ability to appear confident in the face of a challenge, within the job interview setting.

Peter Harms, a co-author of the study and the assistant professor of management at the University of Nebraska Lincoln told Science Daily;

“This is one setting where it’s OK to say nice things about yourself and there are no ramifications. In fact, it’s expected…Simply put, those who are comfortable doing this tend to do much better than those who aren’t.”

In the second part of the study, videos of applicants with similar job proficiencies and different degrees of narcissism were assessed. Time and time again chronic self-promoters were given higher scores and better evaluations by the people rating the interview. Interviewees, who were tactically modest, even though they were often similarly qualified, ended up with lower scores.

Harms said; “This shows that what is getting (narcissists) the win is the delivery…These results show just how hard it is to effectively interview, and how fallible we can be when making interview judgments. We don’t necessarily want to hire narcissists, but might end up doing so because they come off as being self-confident and capable.”

The study provides some valuable information for people who are looking for techniques and tactics to help them succeed in a job interview scenario. However, before you go practicing your ‘I am so great’ speech in the mirror in order to land your dream job, Harms also points out the drawbacks to employing a narcissist and says that interviewers need to become aware of their self-promotion tactics during the interview process and hire them only when these skills are relevant to the position;

“On the whole, we find very little evidence that narcissists are more or less effective workers. But what we do know is that they can be very disruptive and destructive when dealing with other people on a regular basis. If everything else is equal, it probably is best to avoid hiring them.”

Whilst the majority of us do not want to see our workplace filled with the kind of personality that marches around the office ranting inanely about how awesome they are at everything, it might help you score in an interview if you mimic how to act like one!!!

How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways, and Also Ace That Interview (via Gizmodo)

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