“Love Your Wife Day” In Japan Sees Husbands Yelling In Public About Loving Their Other Half!!

This video is a little excerpt of what goes on in Japan on “Love Your Wife Day”!! During this annual ceremony, 12 married men are encouraged to take to the stage and tell their wives just how much they love them, and the most flamboyant and loud the declaration – the better!! One can only assume that mistresses, lovers and ex-wives are not encouraged to attend.

The temporary stage is erected in a car park and spectators gather to hear these public, extroverted professions of love. Some wives are reduced to hysterics by the spouse’s antics and the crowd seems to get off on it too, clapping and cheering exuberantly!

But during these love declarations that are inherently humorous to the outsider, some relationship home-truths can end up being exposed. One wife said to an ITN News reporter: “He’s very fabulous and manly today; a fact I had forgotten in the last eight years since I married him.” Ouch. I don’t know what’s worse for the guy – finding out his misses has thought he was a wimp for the best part of a decade or the fact that she just announced it on television!! I doubt he’ll be back up on that stage next year!

Organizers of the event said they were inspired to do it because in a culturally modest country like Japan , it can often be “difficult” for men to tell their wives how much they really love them. Daaaaaaaaw.

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