Lost In Translation – Sometimes A Good Thing!!

Sometimes you can’t beat a terrible translation when it comes to finding material that will make you chuckle! I love looking at pictures on the net of badly translated signs when I’ve got some time to kill and I fancy a giggle.

But one of the funniest ones I have ever come across found its way to me by other means nearly 8 years ago. A friend of mine who worked at a hotel, found it left behind in one of the rooms and found it so amusing that he shared it with all of his buddies.

It is the instructions for a ‘Rubber Heat Water Bag’ also known in some cultures as a Hot Water Bottle. I thought it was so hilarious that for many years I carried around a copy of it in my handbag, I would take it out whenever I was sad or bored and would soon be smiling again! I photocopied it and passed these around to my friends who I knew would appreciate it.

Unfortunately though, I ended my losing my beloved instructions for the Rubber Heat Water Bag and they remained lost for several years, until my mum unearthed them whilst doing a spot of spring cleaning today! So, I’ve decided to share them with my Buzz Patrol readers and honestly hope that it brings you as much laughter as it did me! So here goes…



  1. Heat water bag is used in medical treatment health and common live to get warm.
  2. The water temperature that the heat water bag used should be around 90 C. The water should be not over 2/3 than the capacity of the heat water bag.
  3. After filling water, must let the air in the heat water bag out and let the screw tight. Check if there is leak water phenomenon.
  4. When baby use the heat water bag, should let the heat water bag a little far from baby.
  5. When heat water bag is used or storage must avert it to be weight on or stabbed, not touch sour, alkali, oil and sunlight shoot.
  6. Storage heat water bag should fill a little air inside. Put it in shady environment.
  7. The dirt on the heat water bag can be washed by soap water than use water wash it clean.
  8. The heat water bag should not be put in the display window so long time, especially the display window in the sunlight shoot.

So guys, there you have it, all the things you ever needed to know about how to safely use your Rubber Heat Water bag!!! It’s the ‘leak water phenomenon’ and the ‘sunlight shoot’ that sets me off grinning inanely to myself. Every damn time!

Have you come across any terrible translations that tickle you? If you think they are funny enough to share send them to Buzz and we’ll try and get them up on the site!

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