Londoners At Threat From The Perils Of Exploding Pavements!

As if Londoners didn’t have enough crap to be worrying about, like ridiculous property rental rates, exorbitant house prices, the fear of being mugged, raped, murdered or pillaged in some of the rougher areas and the shitty weather, we now have a new danger to fear!

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has warned that there is a growing risk of death or injury from exploding pavements!

Apparently, there are a series of power-boxes located underneath London’s pavements that for some reason keep going big-bada-boom!
The HSE said that there were 12 of these exploding pavement incidents in 2010, 8 in 2011 and a whopping 29 in 2012. In the first part of 2013, London has already played host to 12 sidewalk blasts!

Attempting to reassure the general public, who will no doubt be plagued with nightmares of being hit in the face by flying pavement slabs, the UK Power Networks have stated that there are a large number of these power-boxes tucked under London’s sidewalks and comparatively, very few have decided to go BOOM! Well, that’s good to know I guess.

Trying to put a positive spin on this news, at least it gives London’s working folk a new excuse to use when trying to explain lateness or an unauthorized absence to the boss. I wasn’t hungover, I swear, I was knocked out by a piece of exploding pavement guv honestly!! Who wouldn’t believe that story?

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