Food Writer Has To Tell Everyone He’s Not In “Butter Coma” After Satire Biscuit Story Is Viral Hit!

Food writer Kevin Shalin, better known as The Mighty Rib, has had to come out and deny rumors that he fell into a “butter coma” after eating 413 really tasty but lard-heavy biscuits! It had been reported that witnesses had seen Shalin convulsing after consuming the buttery biscuits and the story of his near demise quickly went viral.

It all started after a report about Shalin and his near-death experience with the biscuits appeared on fictional news site Rock City Times. Despite the fact that the site describes itself as being “Arkansas’ 2nd most unreliable news source” several other outlets like The Daily Mail Online, The Mirror and The Sun covered the strange story without realizing it was a hoax!

The satirical story claimed that Shalin decided to eat more buttery biscuits than anyone else at The Red Lobster in North Little Rock. It quotes witnesses that claim he sat at the bar whilst waiting for a table and decided to try one of their biscuits. Deciding they were “the most wonderful thing he ever placed in his mouth” he set about trying to break the record for the most that had ever been eaten.

It was reported that Shalin collapsed and fell into a “fat coma” after munching his 413rd biscuit.

Elaborating on how exactly the fat coma worked, the site stated “Doctors believe the butter from the biscuits have blocked signals coming from Shalin’s brain.” However they did add that doctors had managed to drain 2 gallons of butter already and expected the food writer to make a full recovery once they’d managed to extract the rest!

As the story exploded online, Shalin was hit with a flurry of calls, texts and messages from friends and acquaintances expressing concern about his health and was forced to tweet a message explaining that the whole story was a fake!

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