Only In Japan: Lixil Satis Toilet That Is Smartphone Controlled


If anyone was going to invent a toilet that you could control via Bluetooth on your Smartphone it would be the Japanese. They simply love technological advancement, even in products where you never expect it.

This Satis toilet from Lixil sounds as though it is more advanced than some of the laptops I have owned over the years. It is controlled via the My Satis Andriod App and users can use the app to lift the toilet seat, flush, or play music through the toilet’s speakers!

The App even has the option to store your “usage history” which allows you to see how much water and electricity the Satis is using and estimate your bills!


And if that wasn’t quite advanced enough, you can also create a “toilet diary” on your smartphone that you can use to “monitor your visits” and check on your health. The “toilet diary” even comes with “cute” euphemistic symbols that represent your various different types of bowel movement. The 3 different versions of the Satis toilet will be available to purchase in February.

Who thinks this shit up?

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