Lighting A Bonfire With Your Homemade Bazooka

As today is Guy Fawkes night, or bonfire night, or fireworks night or whatever you fancy calling the 5th November, we thought we’d feature this really sensible video that shows you how to safely light your bonfire using a homemade bazooka.

I’m joking of course, there is nothing sensible or safe about this video at all, it is in fact a wonderful demonstration of how NOT to light your bonfire.

The lads in the video shove a lit firework into a piece of pipe and then shoot it the pile of wood just feet in front on them. Thankfully, their aim is good and it is on target, we get the Big-Ba-Da-Boom and ignition! A few of the bystanders are nearly knocked off their feet, but it seems to be a success, in that the bonfire caught light and no one lost an arm, leg or head in the process.

I don’t need to tell you that it’s one for the ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ collection, but as we like watching explosions from the sanctity and safety of the fire proof internet – enjoy!

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