‘Lets Caffe’ – The Coffee Shop With A Printing Machine That Uses Your Face For Latte Art!

Coffee art is a medium that seems to be growing in popularity and we’ve seen some brilliant artistic masterpieces created out of our beloved cup of hot caffeine. I was particularly fond of the Grumpy Cat latte that was doing the rounds of the net a few months ago and the incredible temporary masterpieces created by NYC barista Mike Breach.

But man-made coffee art is incredibly time-consuming and let’s face it, not every barista is going to be lucky enough to have that sort of artistic talent at their disposal, but of course technology has the answer – a printing machine that can do it for you!

Taiwanese coffee chain ‘Lets Caffe’ uses such a device to print photos of their customers’ faces directly onto latte foam. The customers submit their photos, which are placed directly into the coffee machine and the picture is reproduced, either in coffee or in cocoa powder depending on the type of beverage ordered!


Some might think sipping a latte covered with your countenance to be a little bit narcissistic or egotistical and I personally don’t particularly fancy drinking a coffee with my mugshot on it, but I do love coffee art and I can’t imagine the staff at ‘Lets Caffe’ would have any objections to you choosing to have a picture of something else decorating your latte! I think I’d be inclined to go for popular culture art or something with humorous/cynical captions that embody my hatred of the dreaded morning!

The company introduced the coffee printer as a way of encouraging customers to come to their stores as opposed to the big coffee chains and I can imagine it nets them a tidy bit of business. I’d certainly be intrigued by the novelty factor of it and pay them a visit, if I didn’t live thousands of miles away that is!

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