LEGO Smaug – Tolkien’s Dragon That Is The Scourge Of The Lonely Mountain!

Check out this awesome LEGO dragon created by LEGO enthusiast Fat Tony 1138 that was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Smaug – the scourge of the Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit.

Fat Tony 1138 created Smaug and his treasure using LEGO elements and gold foil, he meticulously wrapped LEGO coins in the gold foil and “spread it around like the real thing”. The fierce and menacing Smaug lies across his treasure, protecting it from any pesky dwarves who might have illusions of grandeur and foolishly attempt to reclaim it.

This creation is epic – and without meaning to diminish the task faced by Thorin Oakinshield, Bilbo and the others, I can’t help thinking ol’Smaug is kinda cute and would look great on my mantel piece or guarding the cupboard under the stairs!!

Maybe that’s just because he’s made of LEGO and I know he can’t snort and turn me into a flaming inferno on the spot though!




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