LEGO-Loving Teen Constructs 6ft Tall, 18,000 Brick Superman!!

Evan Bacon, like a lot of teenagers, loves LEGO and superheroes. He loves them so much that he builds larger than life LEGO sculptures of his favorite comic book heroes!

You might remember seeing the images of Evan’s previous awesome LEGO superhero constructs which include Batman and Iron Man, floating about on the internet and this is his latest creation – a 6 foot 6 inch tall Superman!

Evan’s latest model was created using 18,000 LEGO bricks and weighs 110 pounds; he also sports some awesome LED eyes that will undoubtedly strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. The design is inspired by the new “Man of Steel” Superman movie which will hit cinemas on 14th June; it’s directed by Zack Synder, produced by Christopher Nolan and stars Henry Cavil in the title role.

Evan said that it took approximately 100 hours to construct his larger-than-life LEGO superman and he plans on showcasing it at the Brick Fiesta taking place in the summer. The spectacular LEGO sculpture will also be featuring in a new book entitled “Extreme Bricks” by Sarah Herman.


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