LEGO Bring Out Great Britain Olympic Team For London 2012

As the furor for the London 2012 Olympics continues, LEGO have decided to get in on the act and bring out a set of figures that represent the Great Britain Olympic team. This set features 9 figures that represent various different sporting disciplines and are priced at just £1.99 each.

Among the team there is a boxer, a weightlifter, a tennis player, an equestrian, a relay runner, a swimmer, an archer and a couple of others that I couldn’t really decipher from the picture though I’m sure all will be clear when you get to hold the little figures in your hands. All the different LEGO sportsmen and women come with the prestigious gold medal hanging around their necks…Let’s hope they are not the only ones that the Great Britain team end up with at these games!

However, a bit of bad news for LEGO enthusiasts that are not native to the UK, they are only being sold here so if you want them, then you are going to have to pay the overseas shipping costs…Sorry about that one guys. Who knows though, if the figures prove really popular in Britain then the marketing team might think about selling their Olympic athletes at other destinations around the world!

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