Latest From Durex Marketing – The Stamina Pillow

Condom kings Durex have brought out a ‘Stamina Pillow’ which aims to promote their ‘longer lasting’ condom range, designed to help combat the problem faced by some men, who, putting it bluntly, climax way before their lady friends.

Not known for deploying the subtlest of advertising campaigns – this latest marketing ploy from Durex is likely to turn a few heads and probably even a few stomachs too!

The ad campaign features a number of different bedroom photographs. In these bedrooms you see a happy looking, perhaps sexually satisfied (?) attractive young lady lying on a bed. Next to her is a Durex Stamina Pillow. These pillows have pictures imprinted upon them of somewhat grotesque more-mature ladies; some have bulbous noses and piggy eyes and one even has an armed raised to her head, flashing her generous portion of underarm hair. These unattractive women pictured on the pillow, know why they are there – posed in what one would traditionally consider flirty positions. One pouts with a finger to her lips, the other is sticking her tongue out provocatively, but they are anything but sexy!!

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I believe that the pillows are just part of the campaign to promote the Durex range of longer lasting condoms, I hope for all our sakes that the pillows featured in these pictures won’t actually be going on sale…Forget helping men to last longer – these images are enough to put men and women off having sex altogether!!

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