Lance Ford Mashups: Monsters University Meets Revenge Of The Nerds

Mashup supremo Lance Ford, who brought us brilliant movie world collisions between The Hobbit & The Goonies, Fight Club & Wreck-It Ralph and Jack The Giant Slayer & The Princess Bride, has done it again, this time bringing together Monsters University and 80s classic Revenge of the Nerds in a marvelous movie merger mashup!

Ford, who is eagerly awaiting the summer release of Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc prequel, said he couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the movie and one of his favorites from the 80s, Revenge of the Nerds. He said, “They’re both buddy movies with a cast of misfit characters, Greek Week games, college parties… oh, and the talents of John Goodman!”

Like the majority of his mashups, Ford using the footage from the older film alongside audio from the new movie. As always, he manages to find just the right footage to fit the dialogue, making for an incredibly entertaining trailer!

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