Fertile Earth Foundation’s ‘Ladies Of Manure’ Calendar Meets Kickstarter Funding Target

Warning: This article is primarily about human poop, so if you are reading this on your lunch break whilst enjoying a sandwich at your desk, we suggest you come back to it at another time!

In what is undoubtedly a strange project, even for the pages of Kickstarter which hosts numerous weird and wonderful ideas and inventions, the Fertile Earth Foundation’s ‘2013 Ladies of Manure’ calendar has met its $5,000 funding target.

The Fertile Earth Foundation is a nonprofit Miami based environmental group whose aim is to educate people about their waste including their daily bowel movements. They claim to have been teaching people for more than 4 years about methods of composting, which is basically a means of turning organic waste (stuff that is not metals, glass and plastic) into fertile soil.

During a workshop last year, the subject of human feces came up and the organization discussed ways of creating Humanure – composted human poop. The idea came up to use beautiful women to encourage people to think more carefully about how they could better dispose of their waste and hence the inspiration for the ‘2013 Ladies of Manure Calendar’ came about.

The organizers realize that for many, their idea is just a little too out there, that it might gross them out or leaving feeling a little bit queasy, but they insist that the idea of waste is a human thing, in nature (where humans do not reside) nobody is needed to clear up animal waste, it takes care of itself and the Fertile Earth Foundation believe we should be doing more to be like this.

The project creators state: “With this calendar we want to try and get you to rethink all your waste, even your daily #1′s & 2′s. We cover everything from composting kitchen scraps and making your own veggie broth to teaching you the difference between worm, fish and human poop. “





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