“Kittens On The Beat” – Video That Shows What Your Cats Get Up To While You Sleep

For those of you who had wondered what your cats get up to in the dead of the night while you are fast asleep snoring away in your bed, this video gives a little insight.

Yup, not only do your precious feline friends catch mice, birds and other small mammals to leave on the doorsteps as delightful little gifts for us, they also protect our socks from tiny little thieves that sneak in and try to steal them while we snooze, painfully unaware of what is going on under our noses.

This brilliant video, posted on YouTube by CorridorDigital shows kittens Roto and Bowie leap into action to defend and protect the honour of the sock drawer from the mini midnight intruders. These little guys soon regret their not-so-covert entry as Roto and Bowie remind them that they are the only ones allowed to rummage around the human’s sock drawer for fun!

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