Kitteh Keep Fit – Exercise Routines You Can Do With Your Cat!

You don’t necessarily have to join a gym or buy loads of fancy machines to keep fit and healthy – a lot of common household objects can be used as tools to help you exercise and maintain that purrfect body!!

According to this video by YouTuber Sho Ko, the things that you can use to spice up your exercise routine can also include your cat!! Adorable kittehs Kodi, Shorty and their “Dad” demonstrate how it’s done and it all looks relatively easy to follow.

But we all know how much stuff can go wrong when you bring our furry friends in the fray so obviously the creators of this video do not provide the docile cats for training, nor do they accept liability for any dissatisfied customers or cats or scratch marks or gouged eyes or traumatized kittehs and suchlike!

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