Kitchen Catastrophe: “Sorry Honey” Probably Not Going To Cut It This Time!


Awww check out this heartfelt apology scrawled on to a plastic chopping board that one can only assume was melted into the stove by an unskilled spouse left unattended in the kitchen.

Coming from someone who can flamboyantly burn toast, nuke chicken nuggets so they are unrecognizable, destroy salad, ruin tinned soup and who once in the midst of a drunken stupor put a frozen bottle of cheap-shit vodka complete with metal rim and cap in the microwave and attempted to defrost it, I can genuinely understand exactly how this chopping board incident occurred!

Someone in my family once put a plastic chopping board in the oven with a pizza, dang thing melted all over the shelves and bottom tray. I was simply ecstatic that it wasn’t me and that I didn’t have to make a feeble attempt at cleaning it up!

Something tells me though, that it might take more than this apology note for “honey” to forgive the responsible party!

Source: Reddit

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