Kim Dotcom Announces That Mega Will Start Accepting Bitcoin

Kim Dotcom has announced that Mega, the new site he launched in January will start accepting bitcoin as currency for storage packages. On Saturday he tweeted; “#Mega now accepts #BITCOIN via our newest reseller Bitvoucher:
Mega offers its users an incredible amount of storage, with 50GB available for free and options to purchase as much as 4TB.

Just recently, Reddit announced their plans to accept the virtual currency as payment for their Gold accounts as bitcoin grows in stature and popularity.

Bitcoin’s were conceived in 2009 and their current exchange rate stands at one bitcoin equally approximately $26/£17. A global network of computers supports the currency and its users and people can generate or “mine” bitcoins by joining that network.

On Mega, the cheapest extra storage package costs around $13/£8 each month, which would work out about half a bitcoin. In order to pay for their storage using bitcoin, users will need to access BitVoucher, the website of Mega’s new reseller.

Mega was launched a year to the day when founder Kim Dotcom’s previous site MegaUpload was shut down after a federal investigation.

Dotcom has said that Mega is a bigger, better (and legal) version of MegaUpload although there are some doubts about whether Mega will also face its own legal investigation. Users are given a key to their encrypted content so even Mega staff aren’t able to access it. However this key can be shared so copyright infringement could become a problem again.

Dotcom is currently awaiting a hearing scheduled to take place in March that will determine whether he faces extradition from New Zealand to the U.S. to face charges relating to copyright theft on MegaUpload.

Source: Daily Dot

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