Way To Feel Really Damn Old – Karate “Kid” Macchio Is Same Age As Pat Morita In First Film

An interesting fact that will undoubtedly make all those 80s kids out there who loved the Karate Kid and went around town wax-on, wax-off-ing stuff the whole time, has just been revealed by a Twitter user.

Turns out Ralph Macchio (aka Daniel-san Larusso) who appeared in Karate Kid 1, 2 and 3, is 51 now – the same age as Pat Morita (aka Mr. Miyagi) was when the first Karate Kid movie was released in 1984!!!

I am an 80s child who totally loved the Karate Kid movies when I was a youngling – like most fans, I too tried to catch flies with chopsticks and I can honestly say that that piece of information has just made me want to go Googling zimmer frames and stair-lifts.
Film distributors Roadside Attractions tweeted the information about Macchio’s age being the same as Morita’s when “The Karate Kid” was shot, even though Morita’s eternal wisdom and brilliantly sharp wit made him seem much much older than that at the time. The beloved Morita died in 2005 at the age of 73, but his portrayal of Mr. Miyagi will always be fondly remembered!

Interestingly Macchio was 23 at the time that “The Karate Kid” was released and looking back at the film, it’s hard to believe that a 23-year-old looked so convincingly like a young teen. It was standard procedure back then for slightly older actors to portray teens, though by the release of the second and third installments of the saga, people did start querying Macchio’s portrayal of the young bullied boy who was taught to stand up for himself by local handyman/martial arts supremo Mr. Miyagi!

For those of you who fancy a trip down memory lane, without a walking stick, here’s Macchio talking about the movie on a bonus clip from the DVD of the movie.

Image via Getty Images/Everett Collection

Source: Yahoo

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