Justin Timerblake emblazoned MySpace Goes Public!


The revamped and completely reinvented MySpace has just gone public and is trying to lure people into joining up with a Justin Timberlake track.

Renowned pop star and actor Timberlake features prominently on the site (of which he owns a sizeable chunk alongside Specific Media), it is quite clear that his presence will be one of the platform’s marketing angles.

Judging from the teaser trailer we saw back in September, the social media network will keep its focus on music, but via a more commercial, slightly less social approach. Back when MySpace was at the heights of its popularity, it was music and its groupies that made the site what it was and it is clear the platform hopes to re-attract that kind of crowd.

A new feature allows Facebook and Twitter users to sign into the new MySpace using their accounts meaning that they can import pictures and info from those accounts into the platform. There is also the option to sign in using old MySpace details.

What do you think of the new MySpace? Do you think it will be a success? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: MySpace

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  • Anand Bhatt

    terrible. You can’t import anything. Newe Myspace is almost EXACTLY like Google+ and you have to re-upload your every picture one at a time. Why would I bother doing this? If they wanted us to start using they’d at least let us import Everything from one site to the next.