Journalist Finds 13 ft Giant Squid Remains Off The Coast Of Tasmania

Australian Daily Telegraph fishing columnist Al McGlashan somehow always seems to be in exactly the right place at the right time to make some awesome marine discoveries. This is the second time in just a month that McGlashan, who is also a big-game fisherman – has stumbled across a fantastical underwater find!

Check out the video of the giant squid remains that he discovered and then watch it being munched by a blue shark – that just couldn’t resist the temptation of a free meal!

Though the existence of giant squids like the 13 foot monster discovered by McGlashan are known to science, it is still incredibly rare for them to be found by humans.

This mysterious creature looks more like something out of a Herman Melville novel than something you’d see near the coast! The massive squid, which unfortunately was too big to fit aboard McGlashan’s boat, had not been dead long because the ruby hues in its flesh remained vibrant and these normally fade rapidly when the creature dies. Although if he did have a bigger boat – he might have had a bit of a fight on his hands for the squid with that shark, who looked like he was really enjoying his calamari!!

Not too long ago, McGlashan, who is also the tackle editor for the Angling Times made another exciting discovering. In a pond in Cambridgeshire he found was is being referred to as the ‘Frankenfish’ – because it appeared to be part-goldfish, part-bream and part-roach. So a little like the 3-eyed fish from the Simpsons opening credits then!!

(Via Daily Mail)

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