Wacky Weapons – Jorg Sprave’s Spear Throwing Bazooka

The Slingshot Channel’s weapon’s enthusiast Jorg Sprave has done it once again, showing us that when it comes to wacky weapons – he is the top dog!

Check out this brilliant YouTube clip that features the slingshot obsessed Sprave showing off his latest invention, the interestingly titled “Shaka Zulu’s Wet Dream’ – an elaborate slingshot designed to shoot the Cold Steel Short Assegai spear!

Sprave demonstrates that when you merely throw the Assagai spear at something, you won’t cause nearly as much damage as you would if you launched it using the slingshot. He actually struggles to release the spear from the chunk of wood that he fired it at as a tester!

Though there is no doubt that the slingshot will send that spear surging into whatever you are trying to destroy (get those dang zombies) at such velocity there it will stop them in their tracks – it is not the easiest or most practical weapon in the world to use. In order to load it up, you need to tie it to a tree (or other firm structure) grapple with the huge rubber bands and you might also struggle to find a retailer that can supply the Assegai spears for it!

What gets me about Sprave’s wacky weapons videos is his demeanor the whole way through, with his amicable smile, chuckling interludes and jolly attitude, it is almost like he should be telling you about the latest food blender or home coffee making device rather than elaborating on these weird weapon’s that could inflict a whole load of brutal damage!!

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