John McAfee’s Latest Blog Post – Introducing The Girls!


It’s all gone a little bit quiet in John McAfee’s crazy tale since he arrived on U.S. soil in the middle of December after being deported from Guatemala.

There have been no crazy stories of dead dogs, silly disguises, heart attacks, controversial conspiracy theories or the like for a little while now. However, as McAfee settles into his new life in Portland, he has released another blog post that has already gathered some serious media attention.

In a post entitled “The Girls”, the anti-virus mogul introduces a number of girls that had lived with him whilst he was in Belize and helped him with a “social engineering project.”

Of these girls, there was a core of 7 – which included Sam, who went on the run with McAfee after authorities wanted to question him over the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull. Sam has been widely reported by numerous media outlets as being McAfee’s girlfriend and in this particular post, she is cited as his favorite because she helps the others get on and is able to “act any role.”



McAfee doesn’t give his readers any sort of specific details about the roles these girls carried out in his ‘social engineering project’ but does state that they greatly assisted him when he went on the run and helping him to run the network.

He located them with the help of a local named Paz who owns Lover’s Bar in Orange Walk. McAfee explained that he would tell Paz the specifics of what he wanted in a girl, “level of intelligence, education, cultural refinement, family connection, age, looks, experience etc and Paz would locate them for me.” McAfee would then meet with the girl and “feel the person out” before deciding whether to hire them.


Apparently, this is the briefest of introductions to McAfee’s “Girls” and more details will follow shortly. The post features lots of pictures of McAfee posing with his scantily clad girls, hugging them or draping an arm over their shoulders.

So what do you think of McAfee’s latest post? Do you believe that the Belizean authorities were out to frame him or is the guy just batshit crazy? Leave a comment and let us know.

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