John McAfee Wanted For Murder: Millionaire Blogs About Disguises That Fooled Police

John McAfee who founded the anti-virus software giant McAfee is still on the run from police in Belize who want to question him regarding the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull.

67-year-old McAfee contacted after going on the run, informing them that he had initially hidden from police searching for him on his property by hiding in sand with a cardboard box over his head to help him breath.

He told Wired that he suspected that the Belize authorities were out to get him and that they would kill him if he turned himself in for questioning – he said however, that he would remain in the Central American country.

Many, myself included, wondered how successful McAfee’s attempts to escape capture would be in such a small place; however a recent blog posted by McAfee has indeed confirmed that he has remained on the island and has managed to evade detection by using a number of disguises(if you believe him).

In his post entitled “Watchfulness” McAfee describes some of the seemingly preposterous disguises he has used to beguile the police. He claims to have dyed his hair, tainted his skin with shoe polish, stuffed his mouth full of chewing gum to make his face appear plumper, darkened his teeth, walked with a limp, used a shaved-down tampon to disfigure the shape of his nose and make it appear grotesque and has worn all manner of costumes including oversized Hawaiian shirts, ponchos and Speedos (the snug swimming costume was part of his ‘German Tourist’ disguise).

To me they sound a little like something out of a Groucho Bros movie!

McAfee claims to have been using these outlandish disguises to monitor the investigation into to Faull’s murder, which he believes the police are focusing solely and incorrectly on him. He writes that they have visited his house 7 times (that he has observed) and on one of these occasions they entered the property with large bags which when they left appeared much emptier. He is of course implying that they planted evidence on his property, but muses that the huge duffle bags may have just contained the police officers lunch supplies…

On another occasion McAfee claims that the police exhumed the bodies of his dead dogs, chopped off their heads (which they took away with them) and buried the bodies again.

The dogs had been poisoned a few days before Faull was murdered and were part of an ongoing dispute between the two men. However McAfee claims that they had been dead for too long to provide any significant clues to the investigation – especially with the limited resources of the Belize labs.

He also claims that he has spoken to Faull’s caretaker who claimed that he himself discovered Faull’s body. The police report into the crime claims that Faull’s housekeeper discovered the body, but McAfee claims that the caretaker has stated Faull did not even have a housekeeper and he wonders why the police felt the need to lie about this particular fact.

McAfee, who no longer works for the company that bears his name, has also given interviews to Gizmodo and NBC where he has stated that he would be carrying out his own investigation into Faull’s murder to clear his name!

He has offered a $25,000 reward for the capture of this ‘culprit’ and urges anyone with information to give it directly to him. He said;

“I will continue my investigations, since the police seem to have defaulted on this obligation. I have offered a reward. If anyone has any information, please give it directly to me. I will publish it here on this blog first, and then provide it to the police. That way it cannot just conveniently disappear if it is evidence that the Government finds distasteful.”

Some of those who commented on McAfee’s post accused him of lying about remaining on Belize in his crazy disguises, to which the millionaire responded by claiming that the journalists who had spoken to him by phone knew he had called from a Belize location. Some told him to make his way to the U.S. and hire a lawyer, others wished him their best and gave him tips on how to evade capture.

So what do you think? Has McAfee actually lost the plot and is being consumed by paranoid delusions or do you believe his conspiracy theory that the Belize police are trying to set him up. Honestly, I’m not sure what to think about it all. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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