JibJab’s 2012 Year in Review Video

JibJab, a digital media site that’s probably been on the Internet longer than you have, has become well known for their humorous videos. While their political videos used to be the most popular, for the last several years they’ve been making videos that review everything that happened during that year, which have steadily become one of the best things about their web-site. This year’s JibJab video is a grand one. It goes off of the theme of our world ending (which, as I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, a week ago it very much did not end) and highlights all the big events of the year.

The idea of the video is that the world’s ending due to all the dumb things we as a people are doing and awful things that happened. From Hurricane Sandy to the Kristen Stewart affair scandal, from Honey Boo Boo to Lance Armstrong’s career fail, the video really does hit everything the media talked about in excess this year. The USA presidential election is covered, as well as the upcoming fiscal cliff, our obsession with Twitter, Fifty Shades of Grey, Disney buying Star Wars, and Clint Eastwood’s weird chair argument. Neil Armstrong gets a nice shout out, and even the Ermahgerd meme is mentioned.

Whether you thought this was a good year or not, it can’t be denied that this is a good (and entertaining) sum up of 2012. Great job, JibJab. Now bring on 2013!

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