The Jeff Gordon & Pepsi MAX “Test Drive” video that went viral is fake

Remember the Pepsi Ad that went viral earlier this week? In the video professional stock car racing driver Jeff Gordon (in disguise) takes out a Camero for a “test drive” whilst scaring the scaring the bejesus out of the car sales man in the passenger seat.

As you may have noticed some things were a bit off in this video. For one, it seems there would be all sorts of legal issues with Jeff Gordon driving the car, not to mention potentially putting an unsuspecting car sales man’s life in danger. Also there’s no footage of Jeff Gordon actually driving the car.

Of course the video is fake and completely took it apart. Here are some of the issues they pointed out:

  • The car has an “09” sticker on the windshield while the inside of the car reveals that it is in fact from 2013.
  • The cupholder, where the “hidden camera” disguised as a Pepsi MAX can was placed, is not supposed to be there on this type of car.
  • When trying to contact the salesman named “Steve” at Troutman Motors where the ad was filmed he as “unavailable”.
  • As the car returns to the dealership there are several tire marks, indicating that had already done multiple takes for the shot.

Even if it’s fake the video is still hillarous, which is probably why it already had 18 million views and 76,000 thumbs up onYouTube.

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