Introducing Jason Shron – The Man Who Loves VIA Trains So Much He Built One In His Basement

Jason Shron is “the guy with the train in his basement” – he loves VIA Trains so much he decided to recreate one in his home!
This short video gives you a guided tour of Shron’s basement-VIA Train and a little insight into how he created it and why he loves them so much.

Shron has been a VIA Train fan since he was a youngling, so when he became a grown up and had the means to create his own one – he set about making his dream a reality.

He purchased an old train car that was about to be scrapped and harvested its fixtures and fittings, creating an incredibly realistic replica in his basement. It took 2,500 hours of work spread out over 4.5 years to complete the project, but you can tell Shron is chuffed with his basement-train as his smile beams from ear-to-ear when he talks about it.

Any budding train enthusiasts who fancy creating their own basement replicas should take heed of Shron’s advice – he says that if you’ll need two things to make it happen; to be completely insane and to have an amazing wife!
Man, this dude really does love VIA Trains!

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