Japanese Street Vendors Beat That Mochi Into Submission!

This short video was taken by Celloshredder whilst on tour in Japan and it features two Japanese street vendors going hell for leather at some Mochi and giving it a serious ass whopping.

I almost feel sorry for the big green ball of candy that will one day grow up to be a sweet glutinous rice cake once these two guys have beaten the sass out of it!!

A commentator on the video suggests that the two angry looking Mochi bashers are probably putting on a show for tourists, as these days, Mochi is usually made with a machine.

According to Wikipedia, when it is made by hand, two people would carry out this process (as you can see in the clip) one would be responsible for turning and wetting the Mochi, whilst the other would be in charge of giving it the pounding with a type of wooden mallet called a kine. They have to keep a steady rhythm and if they aren’t careful they could end up injuring each other with the mallet! Imagine having your hand caught by someone swinging that thing furiously – your Mochi pounding career would be over in an instant!

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