Awesome James Chapman Map That Showcases Musical Talent In The UK

Some of you might remember seeing James Chapman’s map, “AMERICA: the home of television” which detailed the locations of 113 popular U.S. TV shows, well now he’s created “The United Kingdom: Musically Gifted” which pinpoints where the UK’s musically talent folk emerged from.

Covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Chapman’s intriguing map shows where solo artists grew up and where bands formed.

For the TV and Music aficionadas, these maps are fascinating, you can spend ages pouring over them trying to pinpoint the area where your favorite artists came from. From Chapman’s “Musically Gifted” map, it is clear that the UK was home to a wealth of talented individuals that became hugely popular worldwide!!

In his own words Chapman says that he draws pictures, makes YouTube videos and “sometimes” does his job as a physicist. Both maps are available to purchase on his Etsy store and he encourages people to inform him of any inaccuracies they notice, so that he can make amendments before they are shipped out!

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