Jack the Giant Slayer and Princess Bride Trailer Mashup

Trailer mashups are an art form of their own making. You’ve got to find two movies where the plots seem to slightly overlap, the characters match up, and it either makes a whole lot of sense or it’s just a hilarious concept. Lance Ford takes the primary path, where he finds films that have a great deal in common and mashes them together.

In honor of Jack the Giant Slayer hitting movie theaters today, Ford has created a new trailer mashup with Jack and the classic film, The Princess Bride. Like his other trailer creations, Ford uses footage from the older film (Bride) and audio from the just released movie’s trailer (Jack).

These two films certainly do have some similar themes. A farm boy trying to prove himself, a beautiful princess in need of rescuing, a corrupt royal power, and, most importantly, giants. Ford matches the footage and audio for this trailer up nicely, and the end result is pretty stellar. It’s definitely worth a watch for any diehard Princess Bride fans, people who are excited to see Jack the Giant Slayer, or just anyone who loves a good trailer mashup.

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