It’s Back, New SimCity Announced for 2013

EA has announced an all-new SimCity, to be released in 2013 for the PC. The last major release of Simcity was SimCity 4, which was released back in 2003.

The new version of SimCity is bigger than ever with a new 3D world to create and control and for the first time, you can play with your friends.

EA says that the development team consists of many veterans from SimCity 2000 and SimCity 4. It will also – wait for it – feature curved roads. Yes.

Another new feature for the game is the fact these cities are, for the first time in full 3D.

The new SimCity also has a feature called “Social Flow”, which is the term for how your city will affect other people’s cities. For example, resources are finite, and decisions you make – and technological advances other make – will impact the development of your own metropolis.

Via Kotaku

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