Is This The Worst Video On The Entire Internet?

Redditor OgFinish believes to have discovered the “single worst video on the entire internet” and we have a feeling he might be right.

It is, unfortunately but not surprisingly, another Gangnam Style parody called “Spartan High School Style” and as the name suggests it is a version of Psy’s “catchy” hit song altered to be about life as a pupil at the school.

After OgFinish posted the link, numerous Redditors began speculating about what was used to create the video. Suggestions included; Adobe Crackhouse, MS Paint, Notepad and Solitaire.

It was published by YouTuber Cym4tic – who claims it is not his video but that it is from his high school which he hates. He encourages people to hate it together and mock its awfulness.

What do you think, is OgFinish right, is this the single worst video on the entire internet? Or do you think you know of one that is worse? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • Psy

    hahaha lunch lady dances better than those high school girls!
    Yeah, this is the worst parody ever!