Is This The World’s Most Crowded Urinal?

Whilst I can completely understand that sometimes you need to cram stuff into places to make the most of the limited space that you’ve got – squishing together 8 urinals – like the ones in this picture surely wasn’t the interior designer’s greatest moment.

Can you imagine what that teeny tiny room must be like if there were actually 8 men in there at the same time trying desperately to take a leek without crossing swords? I can’t actually imagine how you would manage it –there would definitely end up being some inadvertent butt-cheek touching going on! According to this place is a mere 2.5 squares meters/27 square feet large, I mean honestly – what were they thinking trying to get 8 urinals into that?!?

So guys, if you ever find yourself at the Celestial Heights residential building in Hong Kong, just make sure you take a leek before you go, because trying to take a private pee in this place just isn’t going to happen!

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