Is This Pizza Vending Machine Infomercial The Best Ever?

Just when you thought fast food couldn’t get any faster, A1 Concepts have introduced the “Let’s Pizza” vending machine.

This high tech vending machines Robot scratch-cooks the Pizza from fresh in just 3 minutes, making the base and using only fresh ingredients, so your Pizza is untouched by ‘human hands’ in a ‘human free environment’…Did you get that the first time, because if not, they’ll tell you again. There will be absolutely none of those dirty, scummy, disgusting humanoid creatures molesting your Pizza. You deserve the best ‘genuine’ pizza (as opposed to the fake kind??) that ‘Let’s Pizza’ will provide.

Yup, the people who made this advert seem to be more than a little bit obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene, as’s Cory Doctorow put it, it is “as though pizza from a mere human kitchen comes covered in boogers, stray pubic hairs and a thin film of DNA.”

The Pizza-robot was created by Italian entrepreneur Claudio Torghel and will be distributed by Netherlands-based company A1 Concepts, although Americans who are excited by the prospect of a ‘human free’ Pizza need not fret; it is expected to arrive on U.S shores later in the year.

Personally I think there is something a little disturbing about the ‘Let’s Pizza’ machine, I know for sure that it would get my order wrong and I’d end up being the poor sod that got landed with the bloody anchovies!!

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