Is This Anti-Dog Poop Sign The Best Ever?

Check out this brilliant sign posted by an elderly couple who were quite clearly sick of dog defecation on their prize lawn! It would be great if we lived in the kind of world where people showed each other enough respect not to let our pets shit on one another’s property, but unfortunately that is a foolish, idealistic hope that has no place in reality.

So this sign, that came to our attention after being posted by Redditor SrgntPeppers, offers a stark warning and threatens the best kind of defense – retaliation! The sign warns that anyone who allows their dog to squeeze out its dinner on their immaculate grass will be identified by their surveillance cameras and have to deal with this couple’s grandson taking a dump on their property!

Yup, I definitely wouldn’t be letting my pooch take a crap on that particular patch of grass!

Interestingly, it doesn’t say how old the grandson is that they will be sending out to defend the honor of their lawn. Sure it might be a toddler, but it could also be a 20-something. I’ve got visions of a yuppy grandson, in his early 20s, settling down with newspaper in hand, to deliver a brown stinking turd parcel after being passed down the guilty party’s coordinates by nana and grandpa!

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