Is Shell Social Media Campaign Troll The Best Ever?

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Sometimes trolling is a horrible thing, an excuse for people to be abusive, incite hatred, encourage prejudice and the like. However, every now and then, a trolling will take place that will have the entire internet community applauding the trolls tenacity and audacity.

Well the Shell Social Media “Arctic Ready” Campaign Trolling is just one of these incidents where it’s hats off and commendations to the trolls!

According to the Shell website they are “committed to online social media” and therefore decided to roll out a campaign where the public were encouraged add their own slogans to their “beautiful new collection of images” – a number of pictures featuring picturesque arctic landscapes and wildlife native to the area. The best slogans would then be used in a worldwide advertising campaign. According to Shell “Tomorrow is yesterday accelerated. Let’s Go!”

However things didn’t exactly go according to Shell’s plan as the slogans that people decided to put up simply attacked the company for ruining the environment, destroying the landscape and having no regard for the welfare of the birds and animals native to the area.

One slogan underneath a picture of an Arctic fox read, “You can’t run your SUV on ‘Cute’. Let’s Go.”

Another accompanying a picture of the ocean said, “You say catastrophe, we say opportunity. Let’s Go.”

With a picture of the group of Narwhales, the slogan read: “Narwhales are the unicorns of the ocean, we provide the rainbows via oil slicks. Let’s Go”

Under a picture of a polar bear was the slogan, “your ignition is my extinction, Let’s Go” and with a picture of the ice caps another cutting slogan read, “Why go solar when you can drill polar. Let’s Go.”

There were dozens more slogans of the nature on the website and you can see just how “committed” Shell are to their online social media, because they don’t appear to have noticed that their campaign has turned into something of a disaster! One slogan underneath some dozing polar bears even pointed it out, stating “We still haven’t noticed we are being trolled. Let’s Go”

Honestly, I am seriously wondering what the genius who is responsible for this particular campaign was thinking when they came up with it. Surely they couldn’t have really believed that posting picturesque images of the arctic and asking for slogans to justify drilling for oil there was going to prompt any kind positive response, could they???

This campaign is such an epic fail, that it almost beats the McDonald’s hashtag campaign where they asked customers to tweet pleasant experiences from ‘quality’ times spent with McDonald’s, but what they actually got was a collection of gross stories of people finding nasty surprises in their food and being ill after ingesting it!


Apparently, the ‘Artic Ready’ Social Media Campaign was an ingenious campaign by Greenpeace to expose Shell. You can read more about it at Greenpeace Behind Shell ‘Arctic Ready’ Campaign Fail.

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