iPad & Loo Roll Pedestal Stand For Toilet Tablet Tapping!

iPad Pedestal Stand

Those of you who simply cannot bear the boredom of taking a dump without the comforting entertainment of your iPad will simply love CTA Digital’s iPad Pedestal Stand that holds your tablet and your toilet roll! So now you can toss Angry Birds and turds about in comfort and style at the same time!

A little while ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine who exclaimed that the smartphone and the tablet had basically made the poo book obsolete and he wasn’t sure quite how he felt about that. Manufacturers coming out with products like this are just extra confirmation for that theory I guess!

Just be careful to keep your wiping hand and your touchscreen hand separate, no one wants poo crumbs on their latest snazzy Apple device. You would also be well advised to position the stand close enough to be easily in reach, but far enough away so that it is not in the trajectory of any rogue splashback! Oh and don’t use it to tell your Twitter followers that you are on the john, no one wants to know that shit.

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    отличное приспособление для роздумий

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    excellent device for thought