Introducing The Origami Condom – Said To Be Safer & Bring More Pleasure Than Latex Condoms!

This is the Origami condom that was invented by a Daniel Resnic, it’s made from latex-free silicone, is accordion-like and said to be safer and more pleasurable than the condoms that are available at the moment.

There are 3 types of Origami contraception. The Origami Male Condom (intended for sex between a man and a woman) is non-rolled and lubricated on the inside. It is said to create a “reciprocating motion inside the condom that simulates the sensation of ‘sex without a condom’…”
There is also an Origami Female Condom and the Origami R.A.I Condom for receptive anal intercourse. The demonstration videos show how each of the condoms work and in the Origami Male Condom video, the innovative design is shown side by side with the latex condom, so viewers can see the difference.

Resnic was inspired to create this new design of contraception after suffering a life changing experience. A traditional condom he was using split and he ended up being diagnosed with HIV. As well as the motivation from that ordeal, Resnic also wanted to create a contraceptive device that was more pleasurable to use. His line of Origami condoms are currently pending regulatory approval and are expected to be available for consumers by early 2015.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who recently promised $100,000 to whomever could design a better condom, made a statement about Resnic’s Origami Condom. They said,

“Origami Condoms provides an excellent example of a private enterprise focused on new condom design to promote consistent use by emphasizing the sexual experience. The idea of a condom that men [and women] would prefer to no condom is a revolutionary idea, but we know more today about sexual function than at any time in the past.”

Interview with the inventor

Demo of the Origami Male Condom

Demo of the Origami Female Condom

Demo of the Origami Receptive Anal Intercource Condom

Source: Laughing Squid

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