Introducing The Inebriator – A Must-Have For Any Party

The Inebriator is a robot bartender of sorts, which allows you to choose your cocktail of choice, select it on the LCD screen and sit back and relax while your drink is poured and mixed for you.

Bartenders working in cocktail bars need not fret too much, I very much doubt that The Inebriator will replace them, taking their jobs and leaving them struggling to find work. There is something much more rewarding about watching a flair barman/woman throwing bottles in the air, chucking ice over their shoulder and generally just putting on a great display than watching the robotic action on this machine.

However, I can see The Inebriator being an essential in the homes of people who love putting on a good house party but don’t want to stay sober enough to have to pour their guests drinks once it gets to Silly O’Clock in the morning (me)!

No longer will they have to risk insult and injury falling head first into fridge-freezer on an epic crusade to find ice cubes for the fussy bugger who likes their drink really cold (me) nor will they have to spend the following day trying desperately to get drink stains out of the carpet because they were so drunk that they missed the glasses whilst trying to pour 14 alcoholic beverages even though there are only 7 people still standing in the room (me).

Yup, The Inebriator could be a very useful tool indeed!

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