Introducing The ePad Femme – A Simple Tablet Especially For Women

Because the only subjects that women are interested in are cookery, children, shopping and weight-loss and because they obviously have no understanding of technology, some genius at the Eurostar group decided to come up with ePad Femme. Ahem, WTF!!

It is a new tablet that is specifically targeted for women. Because woman struggle to download their own apps, the 8-inch device comes preloaded with several that are associated with things that all women are interested in: cookery, weight-loss, grocery shopping, fashion and yoga! How positively exciting, what other apps could any woman possibly need? You know, if blatant stereotypes are to be believed.

The ePad Femme was first announced in October 2012 but received a promotion push in February, being marketed as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and the Eurostar Group are calling the device the first tablet specifically for ladies.

Several sites state that the tablet comes in light pink – obviously, because pink is every woman’s favorite color. However, it seems that they are referring to the wallpaper rather than the tablet body because we have been unable to find images of the device in pink.

In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Eurostar associate vice president of marketing Mani Nair said that the device came with the preloaded apps so women could just turn it on and log in to cooking recipes or yoga. Obviously unaware of how sickeningly condescending he was about to sound, Nair added that the ePad Femme makes a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications and it is a quick reference.

In response to accusations that the ePad Femme was sexist, Nair argued that it was not, referencing another device that the company offers – the ePad Gamer to support his theory. Critics have quashed this analogy as a justification however, stating that the ePad Gamer is targeted to people via their interests – not to an entire sex, which is, for all intents and purposes, a pretty big difference!

Some consumers have spoken out in support of the device, like Dee Ann Javier who was also interviewed by the Jerusalem Post. Javier states that her boyfriend gave her the ePad Femme as a Valentine’s Day present and said that she likes the device’s portability and color.

But not everyone was so impressed. Feminist blogger Eman Al Nafjan argues that women in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, (where the device is primarily sold), are extremely tech savvy. Nafjan said women in these countries spend a great deal of time online and would certainly not need assistance downloading their own apps!

Ars Technica writer Casey Johnston said that the ePad femme was a fine example of sexist marketing and targeting that takes place across both genders. Johnston states

Not only does the ePad Femme continue this sorry tradition, but it takes it further. The ePad Femme bores into the functionality of the tablet itself, assuming that a woman’s interests fit neatly into the stereotypical categories of fitness, weight loss, cooking, shopping, and having children.

As of mid-February, Eurostar had sold approximately 7,000 units of the ePad Femme (some would say 7,000 too many). The device is priced at $190 which is a lot cheaper than the iPad but around the same price as many other tablets that somehow manage to be gender neutral and user friendly without accusing their owners of being technologically incompetent and only interested in a limited range of subjects.

I do not want one of these!

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