Introducing Nike’s Unlikely New Star: 12-year-old, Chubby, Ohio Boy Nathan Sorrell

The new ‘find your greatness’ advert from Nike has made a chubby Ohio 12-year-old something of a star.

The advert features an uninterrupted long take of the chubby youngster running down a seemingly endless stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. Nathan Sorrell, who is 5ft 3inches and weighs 200 pounds starts out as a distant figure and gradually gets closer to the camera. As he runs, an inspiring voiceover talks to the audience about the myth of greatness belonging to merely an elite few and explains that we can all find our own greatness. It’s become a bit of a hit and now everyone wants to know about this young boy who is the face of the campaign.

The advert is basically intended to appeal to America’s obese population, encouraging them that they too can be great if they buy Nike stuff. It certainly is different and has caught attention; it has even been shortlisted for Business Insider’s best 10 ads of the year!

Apparently, Nathan had to take a break while shooting the advert, which was filmed an hour after he had eaten lunch. He told the Record Herald that he had to stop and throw up in a nearby ditch!

Nathan and his mom Monica are currently trying to lose weight, if they succeed, Nike plan to return and shoot another advert with the boy.

(Via Business Insider)

Visit Nathan Sorrell’s Facebook page.

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