Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Infographic That Shows You How To Zombie Proof Your Car

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Everyone knows that if you are planning on surviving the Zombie Apocalypse then you will need a mode of transportation that is modified to be resistant to the brain-eating fiends. No matter how many tin cans you may have stocked up in your larder, you will eventually have to leave your hide-out and you won’t want to be doing this on your BMX or skateboard. Nor will you survive for long if you go ambling along searching for supplies in a ramshackle vehicle that hasn’t been fortified for such an attack.

Considering that in the event of an apocalypse every man and his dog will be trying to get their mitts on the zombie proof Hyundai designed by Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkham, the chances are you will have to make alternative arrangements for your zombie-proof mode of transportation.

Those kind folks at MoneySupermarket.com have produced this awesome infographic that gives you plenty of fantastic tips on how to zombie proof your vehicle in should an Armageddon-type onslaught of zombies take place.

Of the numerous snippets of advice on the infographic, my favorite was the suggestion to install a marble dispersion device to get those cumbersome zombies stumbling all over the place. I also liked the section which suggests playing George Michael records through your amplifier system, apparently “many zombies have a fear of him and will immediately vacate the area.” I did not know this before!

They also suggest as well as having weapons traditionally associated with zombie fighting, it would do you no harm to have a giant frying pan in order to bash them over the head with! After all, what could possibly be more rewarding that smacking zombies square in the chops with an oversized frying pan?

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